About company

Our company offers to its clients more than 150 different products, which are valued by both Russian and foreign customers for high quality and reasonable price. Success in customer relationship is based on timely and precise fulfillment of our obligations. Reasonable price policy, individual approach and high quality of client service is the visiting card of our company.

We take the lead in cosmetics production for babies and youth. Our company produces cosmetic line “Drive” specially for teenagers, leading active dynamic life. We use only natural ingredients, which allow to stay self-confident and fresh during the whole day.

Sensitive baby skin needs special care. Baby cosmetics “Smeshariki”, developed by our company, consists of natural and safe ingredients only, baby skin adapted and tested in the scientific laboratory. Baby cosmetics “Smeshariki” is modern high-quality product. Advanced production technologies make the product competitive in its market segment.

More and more people discover Spa-therapy while searching the way of keeping youthfulness, beauty, freshness and health. “Spa Travel” cosmetics is the combination of use and pleasure. “Spa Travel” line is unforgettable journey on the wings of the fragrance to the six different corners of the world: fairy Scandinavia, wild Tropics, festive France, mysterious India, enigmatic Egypt, warm Greece.

Beautiful and healthy nails are certainly the dream of every woman. Nails are always easily exposed. Nail strength is declined and damaged under the long influence of household cleaners, general state of health and, of course, off-grade nail polish removers. We have developed the nail polish remover line, which carefully and effectively treats nails.

We produce high-grade household chemical goods under the trademark «Clean Home»,  “Ulitka”, “FEDORA”, “Chisty Dom”. Their range provides everything to keep the house clean. “Chisty Dom” line has household cleaners for floor, kitchen, bathroom, sink, WC and tubes. “FEDORA” line contains gel and liquid household cleaners, bleachers, stain removers. “Ulitka” line – household cleaners for daily WC and bathroom clean. Wide range allows the customer to choose the most suitable household cleaner for his bathroom fitment.